Boost Your Testosterone: A Cheap and Easy Way

Testosterone is that awesome little chemical that helps you feel like a Man.

It controls sex drive and aggression and is key to pushing forward with your life rather than wasting it sitting on a couch.

There’s quite a few guys on the forum who are quitting masturbating and all kinds of fun things to boost testosterone but I have an easier way…

I don’t know if it’s your kind of thing (it’s definitely not mine) but check it out. Could be the missing piece of your puzzle.

How To Your Boost Testosterone




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9 Comments on “Boost Your Testosterone: A Cheap and Easy Way

  1.  by  Ramon

    Wow! this article fit like a glove, my sex drive goes down much lately onion juice will do, hopefully the results will not make me cry! XD

    Logun Thank you!

  2.  by  J. Martinez

    …um, could there be a better recipe for an ensured evening of blue balls?

  3.  by  Someone

    I think that for human beings this treatment would actually be twice as efficient. You’d need to have some freaking huge balls to have the courage to drink a glass of onion juice :p.

    The places where I usually eat don’t even put onions on the salad.

  4.  by  Caleb

    If you want a slightly less horrifying method of boosting testosterone, lose excess body fat and sprint regularly.

  5.  by  Ljubo

    Haha, preparing yourself to drink this produces enough of testosteron so you can then spill it in WC :)

  6.  by  Leo


    The article doesn’t specify how much you should drink though. I don’t know if it is the same proportion as for the rats (1g for each kg)

    Perhaps if you mix the onion juice with something it can become easier to swallow.

    It’s probably a good idea to drink this if you’re working out at the gym. Not so good if you have warts.

  7.  by  John Barnes

    Raw onion juice! The smell might put some women off lol, but i reckon it could be healthy for a number of reasons.

  8.  by  Damian

    Leo, why would this not be good if you had warts? lol

    I want to try it but have one on my hand and you’ve freaked me out haha??

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